Food Balance Research in Savannah, Georgia

Established in 1733, Savannah is known as America’s first planned city. Early in its history, farmers discovered that the climate and soil were favorable to the cultivation of cotton, rice, and lush backyard gardens full of great varieties of nutrient-rich produce. But similar to what has happened in other places across America, local residents over time became more and more disenfranchised from locally produced good food.

In Savannah, food balance was determined as the appropriate measure to assess food offerings. These scores show a relative measure of how easy or difficult it is to reach mainstream food over fringe food. The guiding principal is that consumers will shop most regularly at the stores nearest to where they live. The map below shows detailed findings conducted block-by-block in and surrounding areas of Savannah. The red areas show the most of out of balance areas.

For more information on the research conducted in Savannah, including neighborhood specific maps, click here.