Food Desert Awareness month, which takes place each September, is a project of the National Center for Public Research (NCforPR). We are an IRS-recognized charitable organization dedicated to providing meaningful and unbiased data and information to improve quality of life, quality of health, and financial wellbeing for all people and communities.

This year’s Food Desert Awareness campaign was focused on understanding the root causes of food deserts and on advancing emerging solutions. Food deserts are a key challenge to America’s battle with obesity, nutrition, and wellness.

The National Center for Public Research is committed to conducting research projects and related activities nationwide that:

  • Strictly serve the public interest. Our audience includes “average people” as well as businesses leaders, policy makers, government officials, civic leaders, and community activists;
  • Provide new and useful data and analysis that shed light on emerging and complex issues, and guide informed action and decision-making; and
  • Deliver communication vehicles that effectively educate and engage broad audiences.

We bring good and unbiased information to life.

  • Retail data, trends and markets
  • Access to healthy food (food deserts)
  • Public health
  • Community economic development
  • Immigrant population patterns
  • Housing data, trends and markets
  • Family and individual asset building
  • Education
  • Health and human services
  • Community quality of life